Classic Game Room HD - FLYTRAP for Xbox 360 review

Postado por rede cineplaneta 14 de mar de 2010

Classic Game Room HD reviews FLYTRAP for Xbox 360, an "indie" game available for download from Xbox Live. This Space Invaders inspired arcade style game has you playing as a fly trap plant and watering down enemies before you suck them into your jaws of death. Soak the bad guys, stun them and eat them. Survive wave after wave of new enemies in this affordable, entertaining game that reminds of some Atari 2600 classics. This CGR review of Flytrap has gameplsay from the XBLA Xbox 360 download game Flytrap showing video game play action in HD. Fans of 1980's arcade classics like Galaga, Space Invaders, Demon Attack and Galaxian may want to give Fly Trap a try.

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